Friday, 30 March 2007

Property tax revolt?

What's revolting is the local newspaper playing up to the demagoguery being spouted by disgruntled citizens.

If one wishes to reduce property taxes then one must reduce the spending! It's this tax warrant that keeps going up. The math is simple. Estimated spending for the year divided by the property assessment base equals the mil rate. If tax warrant spending stays the same and the assessment base goes up then the mile rate goes down and the property taxes stay the same. Got that?

And who sets these spending budgets? The municipal councils and local service districts the citizens elect. Grass roots governments. I didn't bother attending the public part of the Moncton City Council's budget presentation. But I'm not complaining.

However I do wonder if the disgruntled were at that meeting?

I also wonder if they are the same disgruntled that want a government rebate on their heating bill but won't spend some money on better insulation, windows or ventilation to lower their heating bill? But that's another blog.

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